Meet Our Team

Our team of professionals will be able to advise on multiple business areas.

Anthony De Freitas

Anthony de Freitas is an Economist and Public Accountant. with studies in Marketing and Consumer Behavior from Texas University and Sales Management from the Superior Management Institute (IESA).

From 1970 to 1980 Anthony De Freitas worked as General Manager for the biggest central-region supermarket chain in Venezuela. In 1980 he founded Consorcio Promoting C.A., nowadays one of the most important trade marketing companies in Venezuela, with a team that exceeds 4,000 employees.

Mr. De Freitas is also President of Survey (Market Research Company), and Sponsor and President of Dale Carnegie Venezuela, franchise that last year occupied the first place (among all Dale Carnegie’s franchises in the world) in training sales force capital.

Antony de Freitas founded Promoting USA, LLC in USA in 2012 where he is currently CEO and leads the Trade Marketing consulting Division.

Ivel De Freitas

Ivel Bello de De Freitas is an Economist graduated in the University of Carabobo in 1970, and Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) of the same University in 1980.
From 1970 to 1980 she worked as Controller in the greatest chain of Supermarkets in the central states of Venezuela. In 1980 she was responsible of the Administration Management in C.T.R.W. Data System (Wang).

In 1983 she joined the team of Consorcio Promoting, C.A. as Vice President and CFO. Ivel is a member of the Board of Director of Survey (Company of Investigation of Market), Dale Carnegie; Aco Rent Car and Workforce (Company of Recruitment, Selection and Administration of Personnel).

Together with Antony de Freitas Ivel founded Promoting USA, LLC in USA in 2012 where she is currently CFO and leads the Financial Consulting Division

Soraida Marcano

Soraida Marcano is a Public Accountant graduated in Venezuela in 2001. This same year she joined the team of Consorcio Promoting, C.A. where she escalated from Accountant to Accountant Manager up to Administration and Finance Manager in 2015.

Mrs. Marcano has been part of the ISO9000 committee which secured the ISO900 calification to Consorcio promoting in merchandising services, being the only company of its class. She was also part of the Strategic Committee Plan and a key element of the reengineering of the Group to adapt to the changing economy of Venezuela, granting a continuous growth of the Group in Venezuela over the last 5 years.

In June 2016 Mrs. Marcano moved to the USA and joined the consulting team of Promoting USA, LLC. Where she leads the Field Operation.

Mauricio Bauza

Maurizio Bauza is a Public Accountant graduated in Venezuela in 2001 with experience in Accounting, Administration, Finances and Business development.

Mr. Bauza has performed as Administration Manager in medium and large Organizations in Venezuela, Peru and now in the USA.

He joined Promoting USA in 2018 as Chief Senior Administrative and Financial

Ennio Bustos

Mr. Ennio Bustos is a Consultant with more than 30 years experience in engineering, business management, organizational consulting and project management. Specialist in strategic business planning and new business development, in of Europe, Asia and LATAM markets .

Along with his degree in Electronic Engineering, Ennio counts on a Master on Applied Science from the University of Toronto and management studies from the IESA (Management Institute in Venezuela). Mr. Bustos has been member of the Board of different organizations in Spain, Hong Kong and the USA.

Mr. Bustos is one of the founding members of Promoting USA and leads the company’s Strategic planning Consulting Division.

Humberto Ruz

Mr. Ruz is a Systems Engineer from the Alejandro de Humboldt University with an MBA in Business Management from the Metropolitan University in 2014. He also holds degrees in Information Technology Management, International Management and Management Training, as well as courses of Management performance evaluation, Project Management and Finance for non-Financial at IESA.

Mr. Ruz started his career as System Engineering in Consorcio Promoting, Venezuela, evolving to a system design engineer, Technology manager and finally as General manager of the Organization.

Mr. Ruz is currently part of the consulting team of Promoting USA and leads the company’s Technology and Process Consulting Division.

Yuleima Diaz

Mrs. Diaz is a professional with graduate studies in Enterprise Administration, marketing and advertising Statistics.

Mrs. Diaz started his career in Consorcio Promoting, Venezuela, in 1998 evolving from analyst up to General Manager of Survey S.A, the market study company and call center services of the Group.

Mrs. Diaz is currently part of the consulting team of Promoting USA and leads the company’s surveys and call center services.


Lorenth Guzman

Lorenth Guzman is a Public Accountant graduated in Venezuela in 2015. She joined Consorcio Promoting, C.A. in 2008 as an Administrative Assistant and progressed in the ladder of the Organization up to Administration, position she has held since 2015.

Mrs. Guzman is certified in SAP FI and she has been project leader in the ERP implemented on a proprietary design over ORACLE. She has also been part of the Strategic Committee Plan and a leader of the Process reengineering project of the Cash Flow cycle, which significantly reduced the AR rotation and impacted positively the Organization’s working capital needs.

Since June 2016 Mrs. Guzman has supported the USA consulting team of Promoting USA, LLC. Leading the Remote Operations division.