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Specialized Administrative Services

Promoting USA offers specialized administrative services to startup companies and organizations in a growing phase. This includes process optimization, distribution logistics, and financial projections, among others.

Specialized Technological Services

Promoting USA has a technical staff that can assist distributors and manufacturers treamlining processes, integrating different software solutions, and digital transformation.

Management of marketing chain portals

The registration in the portal of store chains can be a complex and time-consuming process. With our assistance the time and investment in the registration process will be optimized.

Produce & Commodities Bid Management

Bidding produce and commodities to big retailers is a complex process. Promoting USA experience and knowledge of the process increases your success probability.

Audit, optimization and continuous improvement of processes

Determine and monitor the best KPI’s to control the operation

Integration of ERP and operational software

Customer portal management

Bid documents analysis

Management of the Bid Portal if required

Management of portals

Most of the big wholesalers handle their suppliers through portals. Sometimes these portals are complex and difficult to manage. We have the expertise in the setup, configuration and management of the portal of the main wholesalers.

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    They trust our team and our services.

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    Our trained and experienced team who can help you.

    Management of portals

    Most of the big wholesalers handle their suppliers through portals. Sometimes these portals are complex and difficult to manage. We have the expertise in the setup, configuration and management of the portal of the main wholesalers.


    An honest, responsible and ethical relationship with our clients, employees and the society around us.

    Experienced and reliable abroad team to help lower overhead costs.

    Years of experience


    Satisfied customers


    Set up, implement and train on new modules and software capabilities of your current ERP system to support your processes and internal controls.

    Develop customized reports to improve staff efficiencies and making decision processes.

    Proficient on different accounting and ERP Systems including:


    Our clients recommend us.

    “Promoting USA viene trabajando de la mano con Tio Paco desde hace 2 años demostrando su leal compromiso para con nosotros y nuestros clientes, asesorándonos con el Marketing, gestionando las promociones, Preparación de documentos solicitados, Evaluación y Simplificación de los Procesos administrativos y de operación, entre otras, dando respuestas efectivas a nuestros clientes y a nuestra empresa, lo que nos permite ahorrar tiempo y dinero debido a su eficiencia en tiempo récord.

    El Servicio que nos brinda Promoting USA nos ha permitido aumentar las ventas y avanzar administrativamente, su Team ha sido de gran apoyo para Tio Paco LLC.”

    Yelitza Martinez


    Tio Paco

    “Promoting USA Team has helped us successfully migrate to a more advanced accounting system and implement a software tool for the cabinet & joinery industry which allowed us to automate and integrate our design through to manufacturing processes, increasing productivity, and eliminating costly mistakes. Their administrative backup services cover most of our accounting tasks including AR, AP, financial statements, audit preparation and tax related documentation.
    Promoting USA is a comprehensive advisor that covers all areas of our business that now are constantly improving and have an excellent customer service.
    We are very pleased.”

    Veronica Level


    LVE Enterprises, Inc

    “To Whom It May concern:

    I would like to share my experience with Promoting USA.

    RM Distributors is a small to medium sized family run wholesale grocery distribution ‘company that services the area of South Florida, As with many family companies, the ownership wears a lot of hats; from meeting with executives, to driving a forklift when needed. In our case with a certain customer, technology had advanced, and we were still stuck in our old ways. This customer chain kept purchasing from us but not paying since we were not up to date with the processes necessary to bill the customer. In the meantime, this customer had taken discounts that were not authorized by us, and the total balance owed to us reached a number so high I am ashamed to mention.

    In came Promoting USA and their team led by Anthony De Freites and Ivel Bello. From the start we were very comfortable with them, and they made it feel as if were a family member helping us out and not just an accounting company.

    To make a long story short… Promoting was able to bill and recover all monies owed to us including the discounts that were erroneously taken. Their fee was also more than reasonable.

    Promoting USA is a great asset for companies to help keep things in order and make sure that procedures and processes are in place and followed. They are also very proficient in running a business due to their extensive experience and therefore they are a great source to consult with. I strongly recommend Promoting USA.”

    Javier Vega


    RM Distributors, Inc

    “Excellent management and services of all those who participated in the renewal of our processes. Grateful to his team for their dedication and support.”

    Francisco Matheus



    “La empresa PROMOTING, es un excelente aliado comercial, que nos ha permitido crecer, y dar respuestas a nuestros clientes premium en los Estados Unidos, la operatividad, el dia a dia y el manejo de los sistemas son parte importante de cualquier operacion comercial, y tener a PROMOTING, es una ventaja competitiva en tiempo y dinero. Su eficacia,
    respuesta inmediata, profesionalismo y el buen trato con todos, es invaluable. Sin lugar a duda es una excelente opcion contar con los amigos de PROMOTING

    Yuruany Muñoz


    Leo & Leo Corporation

    “PROMOTING USA has been an outsourcing company for LACEUP SOLUTIONS for 2 years.
    They have helped us in the areas of pplication development, process optimization and demand generation via social networks, YouTube, and our blog. The level of proficiency and detail orientation of Promoting USA’s Developer Team has been outstanding. Since we began working with them, we have been able to complete initiatives with a fraction of the resources we had originally anticipated. We highly recommend their Software Development Services for any
    project you wish to begin.

    In the area of demand generation, Promoting USA’s Content Development Service has allowed us to increase sales by improving our reach and engagement rates. Their dedicated team takes the time to really understand your company’s communication goals and carefully follows your social media tone to create valuable content for different platforms.”

    Miguel Hernandez


    LaceUp Solutions

    “Promoting USA proved to be an outstanding company with professional characteristics that makes it unique and indispensable for small businesses to reach the next level.
    When I acquired my company about 3 years ago, it was running on an old accounting system and administrative controls that did not meet our expectations.

    With the professional support of Promoting USA, we were able to implement the migration to a more advanced
    accounting system in record time that allows us everything We need to manage accounting information for the proper functioning of the company and its synchronization with a field service management software that automates workflows and optimizes the professional services of technicians. Among the contributions they have given us are: updated accounting records, reconciliations and control of accounts receivable; analysis of financial statements and recommendations on a monthly basis; permanent advice on the simplification and improvement of administrative processes; and above all the willingness to participate and collaborate in any additional requirement to the contracted functions such as preparation of information for audits, preparation of 1099 forms and audits of the transactions of the most important vendors.
    We are more than satisfied with Promoting USA services as they are proven asset to our organization.”

    Victor Covone


    Aristole Air

    “It is my pleasure to write this recommendation letter on behalf of Ivel Bello (Promoting USA). Ivel lead our accounting department, but most importantly, she improved our accounting department during her time here. She managed herself and her department professionally.

    Ivel improved our overall accounting practices and methods. Here adherence to Microsoft GP really helped us streamline our books. In fact, Ivel developed a concise inventory system that helped be more cost efficient and standardized our month end closing process. Managing the books for 90 products, an accounting department of three people and hundreds of vendors and clients was no easy task, but Ivel excelled.

    With no hesitation do I write this letter and recommend Ivei Bello and her corporation for accounting.”

    Jeannice Blazquez


    Gilda Industries, Inc.


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