Why Promoting USA

It’s time for you to see your business grow! Concentrate on your main core business and hire our administrative consulting services.

Specialized Administrative Services

Audit, optimization and continuous improvement of processes

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We identify and analyze organizational processes, identifying areas for improvement, implementing changes to optimize these processes, and regularly monitoring and evaluating their performance to ensure continued effectiveness and efficiency.

Develop the strategic plan to manage the growth

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Our deep knowledge of the distribution market allows us to device scenarios and trends that will help to fine tune the strategic planning.

Determine and monitor the best KPI’s to control the operation

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We have a proprietary template to identify the most critical metrics that align with the organization’s goals, setting targets for these KPIs, and regularly monitoring and analyzing their performance to track progress and identify opportunities for improvement.

Planning, Budgeting and forecasting

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We evaluate the consistency of the information in the different systems, and help our customer in strategic planning, budgeting and forecast.

Specialized Technological Services

Assistance in defining the core software tools

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This service includes assessing the organization’s needs, evaluating software options, and providing guidance on the selection, implementation, and integration of core software tools.

Integration of ERP and operational software

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This service includes assessing integration needs, designing and implementing integration solutions, testing and validating the integration, and providing ongoing support to ensure smooth operations.

Mobile Apps

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We are specialists in the development of mobile solutions under the main environments: Android, iOS and Windows Phone, as well as in the integration of the App to organizational processes.

Retail Chains Portal Management

Customer portal management

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Most companies manage their operation through cloud solutions developed around
platforms and portal. We assist our customers in the configuration and management of
these portals.

Process the vendor ID of retail chains

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We gather all information required by the chains and prepare the product catalog and company presentation, in the format required by them, and manage the presentation and appointments.

Code the products in the retail chains

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We gather all information required by the chains, in the format required by them, prepare the samples and manage the presentation and appointments.

Development of the Independent channels

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Distributors and manufacturers need to show a sales record in other channels before being accepted by the big retailers. Promoting has all the contacts and experience to help developing sales in this channel.

Produce & Groceries Bid Management

Bid documents analysis

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The bid documents are complex and distributed over different documents. We analyze and break them down.

Gathering the information

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We prepare the bid and gather all documents requires.

Compilation of bid package

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We compile of the documentation and submit it in the format required by the customer.

Management of the Bid Portal if required

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Many wholesalers manage the bids through their portal. Promoting has the knowledge and expertise to input all information in the portal the bid.